All RAT Barrows come with a full 12 month factory warranty on all parts

Rat barrows biggest feature is its simplicity

Peter Boulton invented the RAT Barrow for his wife Michelle. They own and run a 300 head dairy farm in Gippsland.

Peter and Michelle are also horse enthusiast, campdrafting most weekends during the season. They spend a lot of time feeding horses carrying buckets, and pushing wheel barrows. Their property also has a very large garden requiring constant maintenance, and the homestead has two wood fires that are the only heating, constantly burning wood.

With the idea of making something for his wife to make feeding horses, pruning the garden and carting fire wood more time effective and less labor intensive,  Peter pulled an old ride on lawn mower over to the shed and sat it next to the wheel barrow. He looked at them side by side and the RAT Barrow vision was conceived.

Within a few weeks he had built a prototype, to see if he’s idea was plausible and has not look back since.

With the support of his wife Michelle, Peter  built a work shop on their property  with the intention to manufacture RAT Barrows on his own. 

Now Peter and Michelle believe that they are in the mist of the biggest change in their lives since having their two children Lilly 6 and Archie 5. They are not only going to continue running their dairy farm but are currently manufacturing Rat Barrows from their home in Gippsland.

With their sights set firmly on the future Peter and Michelle intend to take RAT Barrow to the people of Australia and hopefully the world.

Owned and made locally in Albury

No hassle with a Reliable low maintenance drive train